Here is what managers from various industries and levels have said about “The School For Managers” and its lead facilitator Andrew E. Schwartz.

"Being a new manager, knowing what to delegate is a great help ~ Conflicting demands and effective delegation were areas I need and received help with ~ I learned the value of meeting with my employees to set goals and expectations."
James W. Daey, Support Services Supervisor, Amey Cooney Inc.

"Well organized and planned ~ Brilliant and professional trainer! ~ The clarity of information, the way that it was presented to the group, and the articulate stories that explained how to apply what we were learning, were all well worth the cost."
Carol Buonopane, Administrator, Cortex Corporation

"Very involving method which drew both me and the group out ~ The presenter inspires confidence."
Thomas O'Brien, Manufacturing Vice President, Polaroid Corporation

"The group participation makes you think and get you involved ~ Mr. Schwartz is sharp, quick, and has a great attitude."
Tara Smith, Project Engineer, Ransom Environmental Consultant

"Great Class! ~ Mr. Schwartz demanded lots of interaction in discussing real world problems."
Donna White, Systems Support Group Manager, Texas Instruments

"I am very impressed with this School for Managers program ~ I acquired time management, problem solving and delegation tools, all of these I have struggled with for many years ~ Andrew is an excellent speaker: very lively, intelligent, yet understandable and likable. A fountain of knowledge ~ Thank you!"
Virginia Beebe, Manager Industrial, Medical, Supplies, Philip Fishman Corportaion

"There is a lot of information presented with few real life circumstances ~ This program has been a positive tool to reactivate my motivation."
Carol King, Training Center Secretary, Weyerhaeuser Paper

"The exercises, videos and handouts, along with the presenter, provided just the right mix ~ They made the program extremely effective and quite valuable."
James E. Duane, Research Assistant, Wang Laboratories

"This program has been extremely valuable to me personally and professionally."
William Johnson, Manager, Darmet Corporation

"Andrew Schwartz is great ~ clear and enthusiastic."
Shannon Johnson, Graphics Team Leader, Bain & Company

"The seminar content and presentation exceeded my expectations."
IMRS, Beth Ford, Regional Consulting, Manager

"Andrew is an excellent seminar leader! ~ SI enjoyed his lectures tremendously!"
Loretta McAmand, Vice President, Bayfinch Mortgage Corporation

"The program was terrific. ~ I brought back ideas and implemented them in my company, which brought it success"
Timothy Duffy, Warehouse Manager, Banneker Industries, Inc.

"I found each and every segment of the seminar extremely beneficial!"
Marion Apone, Manager, Want Ad Publications, Sudbury, MA

"Very good! ~ Fast paced! ~ Speaker is very knowledgeable and confident!"
Jennifer Bunger, Manager, The Gem Group Inc.

"Overall, the course provided insight into many aspects with regard to my day to day work situations. ~ A very positive experience!"
Dave Karlson, Manager, Gibson Engineering

"Wonderful! ~ Really hit home! ~ Great insight!"
Jim Maloney, Manager, Mills Motor Parts