Training Programs

Programs Available:

Delivery formats are flexible ranging from ½ day day, 1-3 days per topic, over months, in short segments for conferences or annual meetings. We typically start with our standard program materials which is redesigned and re-developed frequently to ensure its quality and relevancy.

We take pride to ensure the perfect fit by tailoring our programs to your organization and participant. This translates to a more successful delivery and on-the job implementation.

We want to know as much as possible about:

  • Your past successes and failures with training programs
  • Your organization and current challenges
  • Your learning objectives and program expectations for offering this program
  • Your participants challenges and learning objectives before the actual program delivery

We start by asking you questions and listen to your responses. Next we:

  • Summarize our conversations and send them to you via email
  • Meet with you - senior managers - and participants
  • Develop a needs assessment (incorporate 80+% of any data into our program)
  • Distribute pre-work
  • Review course outline, objectives, learning strategies
  • Facilitate the program
  • Handout daily check in sheets
  • Collect action plans

School for Managers over the years:

View a visual history of our School for Managers Brochures sponsored by SBANE (Smaller Business Association of New England) since 1988.

Click on the image to preview our portfolio.

School for Managers Brochures Advanced School for Managers 2009 School for Managers 2007 School for Managers 2006 School for Managers 2006 Testimonials School for Managers 2005 Testimonials School for Managers 2003 Advanced School for Managers 2001 School for Managers 2001 School for Managers 2000-2001 School for Managers 2000 School for Managers 2000 Testimonials School for Managers 1998-1999 version 2 School for Managers 1998-1999 School for Managers 1998 School for Managers 1996

Since 1988 here is just one view showing a visual history of our School for Managers Brochures sponsored by SBANE (Smaller Business Association of New England). We started here in Boston and have delivered this same program nationally and internationally. The School for Managers never gets boring as each audience is so unique and so it's always exciting, challenging and fun.